Friday, Apr 19, 2013

Posted by MarkAmara on April 19, 2013



PO Box 123 - Grand Coulee, WA 99133

Koala Bar and Grill - Omak, WA

April 19, 2013



The Dedication of the Coulee Corridor North Gateway Sign was held at 10:30 a.m. at the site on State Highway 155.


Meeting followed at the Koala Bar and Grill. Meeting called to order by  Tim Alling at 11:30 a.m..


Attending members and guests: Tim Alling, President; Mark Amara, 1st Vice; Ken Caylor, 2nd Vice; Barb Caylor, Treasurer; Denis Felton, Birdie Hensley, Secretary; Lowell Hensley, Paul Mahre, WSDOT; Todd McDaniel, Omak Public Works, Morie & Sandy Block (Gray & Osborne); Susie Barr, Warden Development Council, Rick Heiberg, Coulee City Mayor & wife, Wendy Heiberg; Cindy Gaghe, Mayor of Omak.




PARTNER REPORTS; Colorama celebration is scheduled for May 11 & 12 at Grand Coulee, with parade, rodeo, vendors, and  more.  Triple Fish Challenge did not get a very large turn out, but  attending people  received several gifts.


Omak - wants to get  downtown designated  a historical district.


Moses Lake - Mark Amara led  a geology tour of a portion of the Coulee Corridor covering hikes at Alkali lake and Steamboat Rock plus 10 other stops for 15 individuals from the Association of Women Geoscientists.


Coulee City - Funds for a water reservoir project still moving forward - Bid opening April 25 for removal of rocks from boat basin excavation. City Park has a new park host; camping fee will be $25 for tenting and $30 for full hookups. As of March 1 Coulee City will contract with GCSO for police services. Kids fishing derby will be April 20.  Big Walleys’ tournament in May.  Memorial Weekend rodeo with Bullarama - Cowboy breakfast - Cowpie Jog- Parade - Rodeo and more.


            Ken Caylor - Sandhill Crane Festival had a good turn out and went well. Othello Museum was open during the festival and got good attendance.  Ken did presentations at Warden Development Council and the Warden City Council.


            Moses Lake Farmers Market begins Sat May 4, 2013 at 7:30 to 1 p.m. every Sat through October.


            Barb Caylor - Ribbon Cutting for the CCC North Gateway Sign on Highway 155 at Omak went well this AM. Approx. 18 people attended.


            Paul Mahre - reported on byways - Okanogan Trails working on placing signs along the Trail.  Puget Sound Loop starting up.

            New Ice Age Floods Director employed at the National Park Service in Coulee Dam in on board.


            Warren       ? is holding a Golf Tournament June 14, 2013 at the Sage Hills Golf Course.


A motion to accept the Agenda was made.  (M-Mark Amara S- Susie Barr) passed


Motioned to accept the minutes as presented (M-Mark Amara S-Birdie Hensley) Passed




            Paid invoice to Design Syndicate for Web Site hosting

            Invoice # 163 to Computer Solutions in the amount of $302.12

            Invoice #187 to Computer Solutions for  CCC Staff training – for  $75.53

            Invoice to American Road for 3 months Advertising in the amount of $753

            Balance - $4278.09


Moved  and seconded to pay the invoices.  (M-Mark Amara S- Ken Caylor) passed


Adopt-A-Highway.  Rick Heiberg has the vesst and other equipment for the Adopt-A-Highway trash pickup to be held tomorrow, April 20 at 1 p.m.. At Lake Lenore parking lot


Monies received from CCC Cities:

            Town of Coulee Dam $1000 approved but have some concern about signing the contract requiring one Million dollars in insurance.

            City of Grand Coulee - $1200

            City of Electric City - $1200

            Town of Coulee City - $500

            City of Othello - $1300

            Grant County Tourism - $2500

            City of Ephrata - did not approve but if we get the loop signs up they might reconsider

            City of Soap Lake - still unknown

            City of Connell - $500 for Web Site support

            City of Warden $250

Thanks to everyone who  continues to support the CCC. The city of Warden is interested in the CCC extending the byway to Palouse Falls and other points.  Ken Caylor and others have been working on this project.



Jonathan Olund and Mark Amara have been working to relaunch the CCC web site,  update it and get it   up and running.  Suggested that we publish the site live May 1 so we do not have to pay Design Syn for additional hosting.


The Next Byway Beat newsletter is scheduled to be published the first of July.  The deadline for articles is June 15, 2013   Send information to Mark Amara or Birdie Hensley.



            2005 Grant - A Vault Toilet was in the Grant so we need to check on a location for it.

            Ken Caylor - Gateway signs are completed. - WSDOT needs an agreement with the CCC or city or county for beautification around the south sign.

            The committee still working on getting the kiosk project moving forward.  Six are planned.  Working on language and guide lines for the information from the CCC and the Cities. We were reminded that we could not eliminate any task but can move money around within the grant.


Picked up a couple new memberships and complete lists will be on the new Web site.

The Colorama Rodeo princesses has been invited to the meeting at Othello in May


Birdie Hensley - Secretary