Friday, March 15, 2013

Posted by MarkAmara on March 15, 2013

Momma Yum Yum’s Restaurant - Ephrata, WA - March 15, 2013

Meeting called to order by Chairman, Tim Alling at 12:10 pm

Greetings and Introductions: Attendees: Tim Alling, CCC Chair, Mark Amara, Ken
Caylor, 2nd Vice Chair; Barb Caylor, Treasurer, Birdie Hensley, Secretary; Coulee City Mayor, Rick and Wendy Heiberg, Dale Anderson, Lowell Hensley, Jim & Eula Pritchard, Dyana Crummett, Chris Hoppe, City of Ephrata Recreation Coordinator, Susie Barr from the WardenDevelopment Council, Chris McCart, Interpretive Specialist from Dry Falls SP, Grace Shelby,Othello Chamber of Commerce

PARTNER REPORTS : Lower Grand Coulee Chapter Ice Age Floods Institute (IAFI) Meetings are held in Soap Lake monthly (See Web Site). Next meeting will be April 13 at 11am at Soap Lake Senior Center. A hike will follow the meeting. At the last meeting the group went to the Quincy Lakes Wildlife Area and hiked to the ancient lakes. The new coordinator for the Trail is Dan Foster, superintendent for the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area. With no funding for the Ice Age Trail local groups are responsible to promote the Trail. Signage will be the first priority; to complete this project a Logo needs to be created. A committee has been set up to work on this project. It will need approval from the State Highway Departments across the four states covered by the trail. For more information about the Ice Age Floods Trail go to the web site
( )

1st Annual Banks Lake Three Fish Challenge to be held April 6-7 at Coulee Playland, Electric City.

Othello Annual Sandhill Crane Festival - April 5-6-7 at Othello. Promotion leaflets are available for distribution.

Masquer’s Theater starting new performances.

Parts of the new ferry that will be located at Keller on the Columbia River in Lincoln County
have arrived in Grand Coulee to be assembled.

Grand Coulee Dam new laser light show will be available in mid July or August. The present
show will run on the new lasers through the first part of the summer.

Master Gardeners - See their quarterly newsletter publications at for information about gardening or contact a master gardener. Click on March 2013 on the web site to see the recent Master Gardener Newsletter or on the identified month for previous issues.

The April issue of the quarterly newsletter, the Byway Beat has been completed. Hard copies were made available or pdfs can be sent on request. Deadline for article submissions for the next Byway Beat is June 15, 2013.

Agenda accepted as revised. (M/S Mark/Jim P) Approved
February 15, 2013 meeting minutes approved as presented. (M/S Mark/Jim P) Approved

Treasurer’s Report presented: Balance in account $4148.09. Bills paid: postage and web
maintenance fee until April 20. Deposits: membership, City of Othello, and others. Moved to
accept Treasurer’s report as presented. (M/S Barb/Mark) Approved.

Marketing committee did not meet this past month. They are working on a Power Point
presentation that could be used by the membership to help promote the CCC.

2005 Grant: March 18 meeting cancelled. Committee working on getting prices for loop signs and material for the kiosk frame works..

Tourism Grants: According to Chris Hoppe, Recreation Coordinator, city of Ephrata, though the CCC requested funding to support byway tourism, including Ephrata, no funding was approved in 2013 to the CCC because of budgets since the city of Ephrata decided that the CC National Scenic Byway does not run through Ephrata. Board leadership explained that the Ephrata Loop runs through Ephrata and that new loop signs will be put up soon. The city of Ephrata may be amenable to helping accomplish this project.

Adopt-A-Highway trash cleanup will be held at 1 pm at Lake Lenore Sat April 20, 2013.
Everyone is welcome to bring your friends and family. City of Coulee City Mayor Rick Heiberg
will check about getting the hats, bags, and vests from WSDOT at Coulee City.

Web Site; Board met this morning with Jonathan Olund, Computer Solutions in Moses Lake to learn about how to enter new data into the CCC website being updated. The learning curve is relatively steep and progress is slower than we expected. The board has some things that they have to do. Hope to relaunch the website in by April 22, when the present site billing period is up. Members and the board will have access to parts of the site that the general public will not.

Memberships available, contact one of the board members or send your dues to PO Box 123, Grand Coulee, WA 99133

NEW BUSINESS; Ice Age Flood working to promote the Trail with the help of the CCC.

Flood Festival at Dry Falls scheduled for Sept 14, 2013, more details later.

Next meeting April 19, 2013 at noon at the Koala Street Grill, 914 Koala Av, Omak, WA. The
meeting will follow the dedication of the North Gateway sign to be held at 10:30 am. Parking is near the sign, close to the lumber mill on the east side of Omak on State Highway 155.

Meeting adjourned at 1:15 pm

Birdie Hensley,Secretary