Friday, February 15, 2013

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Last Stand Restaurant - Coulee City, WA - Feb. 15, 2013



Meeting called to order by Chairman, Tim Alling at 12:14 pm


Greetings and Introductions: Attendees: Tim Alling, CCC Chair, Mark Amara, 1st Vice Chair - Ken Caylor, 2nd Vice Chair; Barb Caylor, Treasurer, Birdie Hensley, Secretary; Coulee City Mayor, Rick Heiberg, Dale Anderson, Denis Felton, Harry Hayter, Lowell Hensley, John Moody, Jim Pritchard, Emily Braunwart.


PARTNER REPORTS: Lower Grand Coulee Chapter Ice Age Floods Institute (IAFI) Meetings are held in Soap Lake monthly (See Web Site). Next IAFI meeting will be held Mar 9, 2013 at 11am, at the Soap Lake Senior Center.  Following the meeting, the group will do an outing to a nearby geologic feature.  Jim Pritchard gave out several handouts about the IAFI. Dan Foster is the new Superintendent for the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area with the NPS. One of Dan’s assigned duties is to serve as Superintendent of the Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail, which follows along a portion of the CC National Scenic Byway from Grand Coulee to Mesa/Othello/Warden.


1st Annual Banks Lake Three Fish Challenge: plans are coming  along.  Several people have inquired about the Challenge.  Permits have been received and the boat for the Grand Prize has been ordered.


Othello Annual Sandhill (let’s rename it Sandpile!!!) Crane Festival promotion leaflets  to be out soon.  Posters will be available.


Grand Coulee Laser Show is being completely redone by the NPS.  Not expected to be done for Memorial Day but hope that some type of display will be available that weekend. New show has lots more color and will be brighter.


Town of Coulee City, Mayor Heiberg and Ken Caylor spent two days in Olympia. Some of the items they heard about covered several changes  proposed for Hotel/Motel Tax spending, review of HB 1253 & SB 5264.HB 1602/SB5097 will affect all towns in the future when replacing government vehicles. A bill in the senate  proposed would over ride city ordinances on the number of junk cars that one property owner can have.  From what these two gentlemen heard additional taxes on gas and vehicle licenses may be coming  in the future.  State Supreme Court decided, local school levies are unconstitutional and it is the legislatures’ responsibility to provide for education as required in the State Constitution. 


Grand Coulee Dam Area will be hosting a Balde Eagle Event for school children only by invitation.  Several presenters will hold informative classes for area school children.


Agenda accepted as presented. (M/S Birdie/Denis) Approved

January 18, 2013 meeting minutes approved as corrected.  (M/S John/Mark) Approved.


Treasurer’s Report presented: Balance in account $5123.09; Bills paid:  2013 NW Weekend   Eastern Washington Vacation Planner Advertisement came to $1000.   Deposits: City of Othello/Membership/etc. in the amount of $1520.  Moved to accept Treasurer’s report as presented.  (M/S John/Jim) Passed.


Marketing Committee met before the regular meeting,  is  making progress and will report at a  later date.


2005 Grant - Denis Felton: Committee met Jan 31 and reviewed the contract with Gray and Osborne, for engineering design on the local community kiosks.  The new contract has been assembled is  and signed.  Denis met with Paul Mayer of DOT and the committee will review his comments at next meeting to be held Feb. 25 at M.L.    Committee is also working on guidelines for Kiosks.


Tourism Grants and Applications for 2013.  Several Cities and Towns have budgeted money for the CCC.  This money will help pay  for ads in Eastern Washington Vacation Planner, American Road Magazine spring Ad., Driving Itinerary on American Roads Website and Ice Age Floods tear sheet.


Adopt-a -Highway scheduled for  Saturday April 21, 2013 at 1pm  Members and friends to meet at Lake Lenore at 1pm.  Bring pickers, good walking shoes, water.  Bags, colored vests and hard hats will be furnished.


Website is coming along slowly.  Tim and Mark working with Web master.


Newsletter - publication date is scheduled for the middle of March.  Suggested contents: Adopt-A-Highway, Ribbon Cutting for North End Gateway Sign, Membership and Partners, Three Fish Tournament, Sandhill (but I like SANDPILE!!!) Crane Festival, Dry Falls Interpretive Center Opening, Meeting Schedule, and other.  If you have information you want considered for the  Byway Beat submit to Mark Amara or Birdie Hensley before March 1.


Memberships; Nine Memberships - Six Government Organizations Partners and 12 Associated Partners.  See Byway Beat for membership information.  Membership applications and dues can be sent to the CCC,  PO Box 123, Grand Coulee, 99133






Byway Quilt Trail has its first Quilt Block on City of Coulee City Mayor’s property.  We hope to have many many more.


Meeting Schedule for 2013 will be published on the Web Site.  Dates are the third Friday of each month with locations to be announced on the Web Site and at meetings.


Next Meeting Mar 15 at Mama Yum Yum Restaurant in Ephrata at noon.


Birdie Hensley