Jan 18 2013

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PO Box 123 - Grand Coulee, WA 99133




Don’s - Soap Lake WA - January 18, 2013

Meeting called to order by Chairman Tim Alling at 12:15 pm.

Greetings and Introductions. Attendees: Tim Alling, CCC Chair, Mark Amara, 1st Vice Chair, Ken Caylor, 2nd Vice Chair, Barb Caylor, Treasurer, Birdie Hensley, Secretary; City of Coulee City Mayor Rick Heiberg, City of Soap Lake Mayor Raymond Gravelle, Jim and Eula Pritchard, Grace Shelby, Dyana Crummett, Denis Felton, and Rita Seebok.

Partner Reports: Lower Grand Coulee Chapter Ice Age Floods Institute (IAFI) – Meetings are in Soap Lake; the chapter is headquartered at the mouth of the Grand Coulee. North of Soap Lake one can see Lake Missoula deposited flood outwash debris as one journies on State Highway 17 south of the railroad underpass. IAFI has 16 paid members and about 65 on email list. Activities are listed on the Soap Lake for Localsl website. The chapter meets the second Saturday of the month at the Soap Lake Senior Center starting at 11 am; after lunch is a short hike. Fall meeting of the IAFI will be hosted by the Coeur D’Alene Chapter and will include a field trip.

1st Annual Banks Lake Three Fish Challenge will be held April 6 and 7, 2013 Headquarters at Coulee Playland, Electric City. Sponsored by the Grand Coulee Dam Area Chamber.

Annual Sandhill Crane Festival April 5-6-7, 2013 at Othello. Posters are out and booklets should be released soon.

Town of Coulee City; Town working on getting the excavated rock in the boat basin crushed and removed from the area. A contractor will crush and get 90% of crushed rock and town will get 10% to be used within the park for RV sites and roads. The town received a SIP grant/loan for $100,000 to purchase 26 new boat docks. Work continues on the Shoreline Management Plan. Waiting for word to see if Town will receive Public Works money for their water reservoir project. Second hearing will be held on the outsourcing the police department work.

Masquers theater "Sin, Sex and the CIA" March 1-16, 2013Art Guild of Soap Lake Area meets every 3rd Wed of the month at. 6:30 p.m, t Masquers Theater in Soap Lake

Tim Alling presented poster listing Grant County Wines and Micro Beers. Tim will obtain additional posters for public distribution.

Agenda accepted with two additions, Quilt Trail and Bike Trail Meeting in Seattle. (M/S Jim/Mark) Passed.

Minutes of the December 21, 2012 approved as presented. (M/S Birdie/Mark A) Passed

Treasurers Report: Balance in account $5017.44. Bills paid: National Scenic Byway dues in the amount of $150.00; Registration Fee to Washington Sec of State, $10.00 to renew non-profit ; Postage $36.00; Deposited $1300 from Town of Othello Hotel-Motel Tax and $60 in dues. Moved to pay $1000 to NW Weekend Getaways for 2013 Eastern Washington Vac Planner Ad. (M/S JimP/ Mark A) passed Note 50,000 travel guides printed - CCC received 17,000. Moved to pay $3012 in 2013 for American Roads Magazine 1/4 page ad and CC NSB Driving Itinerary. Will be billed quarterly. M/S (Jim P/Mark A) passed

2005 Grant Committee met. Reviewed revised contract with Gray and Osborne for Community Kiosk engineering. Reviewed dates and deadlines, scope of work. Committee to meet again Jan 31 at Time out Pizza in Ephrata at 11:00 am.

Tourism Grants and Applications continue to be worked on. Thanks to all the Towns that have contributed to the support of the CCC. Funding requested from Soap Lake will be decided and be reported by the next CCC meeting.

New CCC trac phone number 509-634-1608

Web site being worked on. Computer Solutions in Moses Lake is taking time to convert old format to new templates. CCC hopes to have New Site up and running soon.

No Marketing Committee meeting this month.

Next Byway Beat April 1. News articles and feature articles due Mar 1, 2013.

Feb. 28, 2013 a meeting on Bike Trails and Byway in the State of Washington will be held in Seattle. If eed more information is needed contact Tim Alling who hopes to attend.

Birdie Hensley read a article by Marlene Oddie, Grand Coulee, about the Quilt Trails in Oregon. There are Quilt Trails in the Eastern U.S. but the Tillamook County Trail is the first out in the Western U. S.. Marlene hopes to try and establish a CCC Quilt trail. Large Quilt Blocks are placed on buildings and could offer great ways to explore the area and learn a bit of history using self guided tours. More information later.

Planning needs to start on Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the North Gateway Sign outside of Omak to be held April 19, 2013. Need news articles, invitations, and etc.

Draft Schedule for 2013 meetings; Feb. - Coulee City; Mar Ephrata; April- Omak; May - Othello; June - Moses Lake; July - Warden; Aug - Open ; Sept - Connell; Oct Moses Lake, MarDon; Nov Grand Coulee; Dec - Soap Lake. All meetings are a no host lunch and held the third Friday of the Month. Place of meetings TBA.

Next Meeting Feb. 15, 2013 at 12 noon at Last Stand Diner and Saloon in Coulee City, WA

Birdie Hensley


Note: 2013 Memberships to date: Kings Court, Tim Alling; Mark Amara; Ken and Barbara Caylor; Dyana Crummett; Denis Felton Family; Birdie and Lowell Hensley; Freida Sebok

Partners- Grand Coulee Dam Chamber, Ice Age Flood Institute, Coulee Pioneer Museum, Masquers Theater; Historical Images, Soap Lake Conservancy;