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Volume 2. Issue 2

Coulee Corridor Consortium


Coulee Corridor National Scenic Byway April 2013

The Byway Behind the Scenery

By Tim Alling, CCC Chair

With the installation of the Coulee Corridor

National Scenic Byway

North Gateway Sign near

Omak on State Route 155 came the completion of

the Coulee Corridor Consortium

s 2003 National

Scenic Byways Grant. The Gateway signs

installations at Othello and Omak were one of the

top goals for the Coulee Corridor Consortium in

2011 and 2012. The CCC thanks all of the

volunteers and partners and other agencies for their

work in helping us complete these tasks.

Now as the CCC moves through the first quarter of

2013 the group has been focusing its attention and

efforts on another NSB Grant approved in 2005.

The organization has until 2015 to complete all its

elements. Coordinating with seven cities to design

and install Community Kiosks and another 45

Coulee Corridor NSB Spur and Loop way-finding

signs are two of the top priorities. The 2005 NSB

Grant Committee has met and is taking action to

ensure that the remaining tasks are prioritized, that

structures are designed properly in working with

the engineering contractor Larry Julius of the firm,

Gray & Osborne and with the Washington State

Department of Transportation. Materials are being

purchased and guidelines for communities to

follow in assembling information for the kiosks are

being assembled.

The CCC Marketing Committee is making

progress in establishing a viable Community

Outreach program/

Dog & Pony Show

presentation(s) that will be taken to officials and

the public to educate our Byway Communities

about the value of the Coulee Corridor National

Scenic Byway.

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Coulee Corridor NSB Tracks Portion of

Ice Age Floods Geologic Trail

By Jim Pritchard, Ice Age Floods Institute

The Coulee Corridor National Scenic Byway

(CC NSB) follows the most spectacular

segment of the newly designated Ice Age

Floods National Geologic Trail (IAFNGT)

between Grand Coulee and Othello.. However,

the IAFNGT route originates at Missoula,

Montana follows State Highway 200, along the

Clark Fork River, crosses the north Idaho

panhandle, and enters the Spokane area in

eastern Washington. Though there are

numerous ice age flood features in between

Spokane and Grand Coulee, the most awe

inspiring portion of the route is along the

Grand Coulee (which coincides with much of

the CC NSB). Probably the best panorama is

located at Dry Falls, though there are also

prolific examples of unusual and unique

erosional and depositional features associated

with the floods all along the corridor south to

Othello and beyond Outside the CC NSB, there

are flood features that can be tracked all the

way to the Pacific Ocean at the mouth of the

Columbia River which incidentally marks the

end of the Ice Age Floods Geologic Trail. The

Trail may be entered or exited at any point.

Very few folks see it all in one trip. Brochures

covering one or both the Coulee Corridor and

the Ice Age Floods are available.

The Byway Beat 2

Behind the Scenery Continued from page 1

The CCC Executive Board is working with our

webmaster to re-launch the Coulee Corridor

Consortium website with more current and

regular updates.

The Executive Board is continually looking for

new ideas to help explain features along the

byway. One idea that has been proposed is an

educational program for school age kids-adults.

Using the Ice Age Floods Story along the

Coulee Corridor National Scenic Byway as its

focus, the program would provide clues to

explaining each Flood Scene Investigation.

Caps, t-shirts, and other prizes could be awarded

to Flood Scene Investigators (FSI). Other ideas

are sought so bring them to our monthly

meetings, email the board, or call us on our trac

phone at (509) 634



s Note: The following descriptions are

excerpts from the 2011 publication by Mark

Amara called People and Places of the Coulee

Corridor National Scenic Byway. Pamphlets are

available from the Coulee Corridor Consortium,

our website www.couleecorridor.com, through

Chambers of Commerce and at other events


(Grant County) State Highway 28

The area around Ephrata was originally home to

the Columbia (Sinkiuse) tribe when it was known

as Tukta-hyos-pum. Known locally as Beezley

Springs after horse rancher Frank Beezley, it

became the Great Northern Railroad

s Station 11

in 1892 and finally

Ephratain 1901. According

to local lore, a railroad worker thought he saw

similarities to agricultural landscapes around the

Holy Lands in the Middle East and named it

Ephrata. The town was incorporated in 1909,

became the Grant County seat and has been a

transportation hub for livestock, fruit and other

crops, by wagon, rail, truck and air travel.

Ephrata served many people working on the

Grand Coulee Dam project in the 1930s, was a

training base for the Army Air Corp in the 1940s,

and provides offices to the Bureau of Reclamation

which has administered the Columbia Basin

Irrigation Project since the 1950s.

Grant County Courthouse (First & C Streets)

Courthouse construction was started in 1917 and

completed in 1918. The attached Annex building

was built in 1957 while the Law and Justice

Building was built in 1984. The courthouse has been

heated with coal, oil, hot water, and electricity. A

geothermal 2000

deep drilled well (#10), located 1

¼ miles north of the courthouse, was the source of

82-88 degree F water, which provided radiant heat

from 1987-2004. In 1975, the Courthouse was

added to National Register for Historic Places.

Grant County Courthouse



s Note: Coulee Corridor Consortium

Meetings are held Monthly throughout the


Coulee Corridor Holds Regular Meetings

The public is invited to attend any of these

Friday lunch time events to find out what is

happening and to participate in events and


March 15..Mama Yum Yum, 356 Basin St

SW, Ephrata

April 19

……..Koala Grill, 914 Koala Ave,


May 17

……… Senior Center, 755 N 7th

Ave, Othello

June 21

……….Papas Casino, 1165 N

Stratford Road, Moses Lake

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People and Places Excepts Continued from page 2

Coulee City

(Grant County) U.S. 2

Philip McIntee is named for the oldest town in

Grant County. Known as McIntee

s Crossing until

1890, it was the only place along the Grand

Coulee where the steep basalt rock cliffs were

passable, coincided with a watering hole on a

portion of the Caribou Cattle Trail and was a

stagecoach stop on the Waterville-Spokane

Wagon Road. The first bank, Security State Bank

which opened in 1902 and closed in 1921 is now

occupied by the Coulee City Hall. Fires destroyed

the Hotel Coulee in 1929, the theatre, and the

wooden grain elevators in 1934. The town name

was changed to Coulee City in 1937.

Pioneer Cemetery (From U. S. 2, turn west on

37 NE and proceed 2/10 mile on left)

The pioneer cemetery is approximately 2 miles

north of Coulee City. Philip McIntee, Coulee


s first settler, is among the residents buried


Byway Beat Briefs

To date, funding has been sought/obtained

through Grant County Tourism and many cities

along the Coulee Corridor National Scenic Byway

who have agreed or are considering whether to

provide tourism promotion dollars to help

advertise the Coulee Corridor National Scenic

Byway in 2013.

The North Sign Coulee Corridor National

Scenic Byway Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

is scheduled for Friday, April 19, 2013. The

dedication begins at 10:30 AM at the sign along

SR 155 south of Omak. Dignitaries and the public

are invited to attend and also to participate in the

social event afterwards where a special cake will

be carved up at Koala Grill in Omak.

McIntee Gravestone at Pioneer Cemetery

Corridor Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup

The public and CCC members are invited to

participate in the first of two (biannual) planned

Adopt-A-Highway trash cleanup sessions at the

Coulee Corridor Consortium

s newly designated

location on SR 17. Mark your calendar for 1PM

Saturday, April 20 which is when the cleanup

begins. Vehicles may park at the Lake Lenore

Caves/Lake Lenore parking turn outs and pick up

trash between MP 84-85 along State Highway 17.

Hard hats, colorful vests, and bags will be




The Byway Beat 4

Quilter Trail Started Along Corridor

Quilters are making their mark on the Coulee

Corridor. The first quilted design was installed on

the side of a wood barn in Coulee City. This

particular pattern called

Quadra Foilwas

created and painted by long time quilter, Wendy

Heiberg while her husband, City of Coulee City

Mayor, Rick Heiberg, built the 4

x 4weathered

wood block structure. The feature may be viewed

at 104 S. Main, Coulee City.

If there is sufficient interest, the plan is for others

to develop designs and place them on garages or

barns throughout the Coulee Corridor as part of a

Quilters Trail, similar to what is being done in

Kittitas County and in other states. A brief history

of the design or quilter may accompany the

patterns and may offer another way to promote

activities along the Corridor. Anyone interested

in working on quilts on one or more parts of the

trail is urged to contact the Coulee Corridor at



or call (509) 634-1608

for details or comments. More information will

be released as it becomes available.

Dry Falls Visitors Center 2013 Opens

By Denis Felton, Coulee Area State Parks


I am excited to announce that the Dry Falls Visitor

Center (along State Highway 17 of the Coulee

Corridor south of Coulee City) officially reopened

to the public on March 1

st, 2013. The

Center is open Friday through Tuesday from 9AM

to 4PM until April 15

th 2013. From April 16th to

September 30

th, 2013 the Center is open 7 days a

week from 9AM to 5:30PM.

The Park is proud to announce that Chris McCart

is leading the day-to-day operations of the Center

and all the interpretive duties of the Coulee Area

State Parks as our Interpretive Specialist. Chris

was born and raised in eastern Washington and

has already spent countless hours exploring the

Coulee Corridor National Scenic Byway.


s knowledge of the local history and

wildlife help(ed) him conduct Junior Ranger and

interpretive programs on topics including shrubsteppe

ecology, geology, Grand Coulee Dam

history and through nature hikes. McCart has a

B.A. in Geography/Environmental Studies and a

B.S. in Social Sciences from Central Washington

University. Prior to this position, he served as the

Dry Falls Visitor Center Interpretive Assistant

2011-2012. Before coming to Dry Falls, Chris

was an Interpretive Intern at Lake Easton State

Park and worked for the Grant County P.U.D. in

their lands and recreation department. In his spare

time, Chris enjoys bird hunting, fishing and

exploring historic sites throughout the Columbia

The Byway Beat 5

Basin. He looks forward to meeting and working

with anyone who visits Dry Falls State Park.

Washington State Parks 2013 Centennial


. The Dry Falls Visitor Center is

getting a much needed inside facelift of new

interpretive panels. If the proposed project

timeline stays its course the interpretive panels

will be installed in late June 2013 followed shortly

thereafter with a small ribbon cutting shortly

thereafter. Stay Tuned........

The Dry Falls Visitors Center is hosting the


Ice Age Floods Festival on Saturday

September 14

th 2013 from 9AM to 5PM. For more

information on this event please call Chris at 509-


Selected Byway Community Events

Sin, Sex, and the CIA

, 2PM, Masquers Theater.

(509) 246-2611 for days and reservations. Runs


March 17, 2013…………Soap Lake



Okanogan Valley Orchestra & Chorus Sounds of

Spring Concert,

Omak PAC, March 24, 2013






Nashville Country Star Finals,



……………………... Omak


Sandhill Crane Festival

, April 5-7, 2013






Rage in the Sage Mountain Bike Festival

, last

weekend in April,





is a new mini column dedicated

to periodically highlighting off the beaten track

sights around the Corridor


The Beezley Hills Recreation Area opened in

2012 to cyclists, hikers, walkers, joggers, and

mountain bikers. The project was completed as an

Eagle Scout project by Christian Pugh in

coordination with donated money, materials, and

service by businesses and individuals in the

Ephrata area. Over 20 miles of trails were

constructed. To get there from State Highway 28

in Ephrata, turn north on 1

st Avenue NW and

proceed approximately .4 miles to Cyrus Street

and make a left. Kiosk is a short distance up the

road on the left with a map and trail guide.


Warmup, 5K & 10K Run

, April 13,


…………………..Soap Lake




Chamber of Commerce Kids Fishing Derby


April 20, 2012; Call 509-632-5331 for


………………………Coulee City

Moses Lake Farmers Market

, McCosh Park,

Saturdays 7:30-2PM, May-October

Moses Lake





Big Wallys

Fishing Tournament

, Call (509)

632-5331 for information,

May 18-19, 2013

…………………Coulee City

Sage and Sun Festival

, June 6-9, 2013





The Byway Beat 6

Grand Coulee Dam Guided Tours

; for tour

times contact the Grand Coulee Dam Visitor

Center at (509) 633-9265 9AM-5PM 7 days per

week, starting in April

Grand Coulee Dam

Triple Fish Challenge Fishing Derby

, April 6-7,

2013. Call the Chamber of Commerce at

(509) 633-3074 or call Coulee Playland Resort at

(509) 633-2671

..Electric City

Northwest Bass Fishing Tournament

, April 13,

2013, (509) 633-2671 at Coulee Playland


…….. Electric City

Junior Rodeo

, Nespelem Fairgrounds,

April 19, 2013


Memorial Day Celebrations

: Last Stand Rodeo

Bullarama May 24 evening; Cow Pie Jog May 25

morning; Cowboy Breakfast May 25 morning, and

Last Stand Rodeo May 25 evening; Call 509-632-

5331 for information

…………..Coulee City

Spring Festival Triatholon and Duatholon


Montlake Park, May 27, 2013

……Moses Lake






Ephrata Farmers Market

, Rock Point Plaza,

Saturdays, June-October






Othello Farmers Market

, Saturdays, June








Soap Lake Powwow

, June 7-9,








Run into Summer 5K & 12K

.Saturday, June 15,



……………………………………Soap Lake

See details at



Hydroplane Regatta


June 15-16, 2013


………..Soap Lake

Bed Ride

, 7:30PM, Friday, June 28, 2013.

Masquers Theater. World Premiere of this comedy

by Matthew Weaver

…………..Soap Lake



Not Too Stinkin

Hot to Run 5K & 10 Miler


July 13, 2013

………………..Soap Lake

Omak Stampede and World Famous Suicide


August 8-11, 2013……Omak





Fall Festival and Columbia Basin Junior

Livestock Show

, September 12-14,



Call (509) 430-1398 or



for information

Wine and Brew Festival

, November 9,



Christmas Parade of Lights

, December 8,


……………………Coulee City

The Byway Beat 7

Cut here and return with your membership



The Coulee Corridor Consortium would like your

help and is asking that people consider

becoming 2013 members of the organization

which is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization

with tax exempt status. Benefits of membership

include: supporting the Coulee Corridor

Consortium, keeping abreast of and participating

in new activities and events sponsored by the

Consortium along the Coulee Corridor National

Scenic Byway, opportunity to help leadership by

focusing positive attention on the corridor,

participation in Big Event fundraiser each year,

be placed on mailing list for quarterly

newsletter, and receiving increased member

visibility on the Coulee Corridor website.

$15.00 Individual Membership Fee

$25.00 Family Membership Fee

$50.00 Business, Non-Profit, or Other

Membership Fee


Other ___________________________





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Web page listing:


Send applications and checks to Coulee Corridor

Consortium, PO Box 123 Grand Coulee, WA


Coulee Corridor Consortium Officers

Tim Alling



Mark Amara


.1st Vice Chair

Ken Caylor


. 2nd Vice Chair

Birdie Hensley



Barb Caylor



Get Involved With Coulee Corridor Consortium Committees:

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Website Updates

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