The Coulee Corridor National Scenic Byway covers parts of State Highways 17, US Highway 2, and State Highway 155 between Othello and Omak, Washington.  There are also several important spur and loop routes that cover Connell, Warden, Ephrata, Wilson Creek, Almira, Hartline, Omak Lake, Kahlotus, Washtucna, Hooper,  Benge,  Ralston, Lind, Palouse Falls, Lower Monumental Dam, and Lyons Ferry.  All told there are 22 towns represented and numerous points inbetween which have fascinating places to explore, an assortment of unique recreational opportunities, geology and cultural events to experience. There are lots of activities going on in the represented counties of Adams, Douglas, Franklin, Grant, Lincoln, and Okanogan.   CouleeCorridorLogo-Color8x9-600dpi.jpg

Parts of State Highways 26, 28, 170, 260, 261,  262, 263, 282, and 395 are included along with a portion of the Benge-Wastucna Road, the East Ralston-Benge Road, East Lind-Ralston Road and the Lind-Warden Road.

Look for the distinctive Coulee Corridor signs along the right hand sides of the roads.  More will be appearing in 2022 in Grant County on State Highway 262 and H SE, and even more into Adams County.  Three new signs were installed on McMannamon Road northwest of Othello in 2021.